Thai style dressing 
Thai style dressing set price 1990 B/person
 Include choose one color background ( white/blue)
               make up and hair set up
               Original and modern Thai dress style and shoes
               ID photo 2 inch for 6 pics
               Full length photo 6x4 inch for 6 pic
               Photo 8x10 inch for 1 pic

Casual style action 
Casual style action set price 1890B/person
 Include :  make up and hair set up
                 Photo 6x4 inch for 4 action

Photolistalism set price 3000 B/hour
 Include : studio with staff
              Customer have to bring your own photographer and camera
              Customer can use studio camera with photographer added 2000 B
              ( In case customer use studio camera , all file will give to customer ) 
              Customer can take picture as long as you want
              Customer can come without any limit member
              CD soft file with all picture you choose
              ( make up and hair set up added 400B/person/one style )
              ( make up change 200 B/one style ) 

Make up 
แต่งหน้า ทำผม
Make up and Hair style
Airline application 750B. (At studio)
Airline application 2500B. (Outside in Bkk)
For graduation and party 1500B. (At studio)